Privacy Policy

  • Last Updated: July 16, 2019

    Common Journey, a company based in Irvine (California), manages and operates the website (the “Website”), under which users may purchase soft and versatile neck pillows and blankets as well as other travel accessories (collectively, the “Products”).

    The present Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) sets forth the terms and policy concerning the collection, usage and safeguard of Users’ personal information provided on or through the Website.

    Under this Privacy Policy, Common Journey will be referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, and other similar expressions, and Users will be referred to as “you”, and other similar expressions.

  • Information Collected

    By accessing or using our Website, we may be able to collect information that is of a personal or general nature.

    According to applicable law, personal information refers to information about an identifiable individual. Personal information may include but is not limited to your name, address, email, payment information, and other relevant information. Your personal information will be provided to us upon your creation of your user account, your registration on the Website, or when purchase Products through the Website.

    We will only collect personal information you provide voluntarily on the Website or in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

    Upon accessing the Website, we may be able to collect information of a general nature. General information includes your browsing history, cookie, the time spent on the Website, your IP address, name, email address, shipping and/or billing address, payment information, contact information and other information that cannot identify you as an individual, but instead refers to information about your online activity and preferences.

  • Usage and Sharing of Information

    We will not share the personal information you provide on the Website with any third party, except under the circumstances detailed in this Privacy Policy, or to comply with any applicable laws.

    Your personal information may be disclosed to our employees and third party providers who are subject to confidentiality obligations and bound by this Privacy Policy. We will share your personal information on a limited “as needed” to fulfill your orders for the Products through the Website. Your personal information will never be sold, traded, leased, assigned or otherwise transferred to a third party for marketing purposes.

    We may be obligated your disclose personal as a result of a legal obligation, regulation or court order. If the disclosure of your personal information is required by applicable law, we will not be advise you prior to the disclosure. If a valid court order requires the disclosure of your personal information, we are under the legal obligation to provide the required information in accordance with the instructions detailed in the court order.

    You acknowledge that we will use your personal information in the following circumstances:

    • to communicate with you with respect to a purchase, payment, promotion, or to provide any other information;
    • to respond to questions, feedback or other inquiries you send us;
    • to obtain your feedback and comments about the services or Products received;
    • to provide technical support or perform routine checks as required;
    • to inform you of Products and opportunities that may be of interest.
  • Safeguard of Information

    To protect the safety and integrity of your personal information, we implemented various procedures to prevent unauthorized access to your personal information. The safety measures and precautions we apply are intended to protect and safeguard your personal information and its integrity.

    All user accounts are protected by a password selected by the user. We encourage you to safeguard the password to your user account by not disclosing it and by logging out of your account when you are not actively using the Website.

    The safety measures and precautions we apply include the usage of encryption, firewalls, and other protective technologies. While we abide by strict processes to protect your personal information, we will not be responsible for unauthorized access of your personal information. Considering information transmitted over the Internet is never fully secure, you agree that the provision of your personal information on the Website is at your sole risk.

  • Users’ Rights

    All users who provide personal information to us have certain rights connected to the personal information provided. You have the right to refuse to be contacted with respect to promotional or marketing offers by opting out of future communications relating thereto. Instructions as to how to opt out and unsubscribe from any one of our mailing lists are available on the Website or in our email communications.

    Upon opting out or unsubscribing from our offers and promotions, you will continue to receive communications from us regarding your purchases, administrative matters and this Privacy Policy.

    Requests of any nature pertaining to personal your personal information or this Privacy Policy should be directed to us by email or by using the “Contact us” section of the Website.